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Our History

For over 41 years the National teaching institute has opened the doors for teachers and education professionals, undertaking higher education or professional development. We are proud and committed to helping teachers succeed on their study journeys.

We are committed to making high quality, enjoyable education available to all.  NTI recognizes students’ need for flexible learning schedules that fit into their lives, and our goal is to provide an education that fits your lifestyle.

We also believe that teachers are the key to a great education, and a great education can open up opportunity and possibility for young people.

The National Teaching Institute helps teachers rediscover their love of their subject, inspiring them to bring the latest and cutting edge thinking into their classrooms while supporting them to make lasting improvements in what and how they teach.


Why the NTI was Setup

The National Teachers’ Institute was setup to serve as a Distant Learning Educational Institution in order to provide additional means of tackling the following challenges facing Teacher Education in Nigeria:-

  • The need to trully profesionalised the teaching profession at all levels.
  • The need to curb the worrisome shortages of professional Teachers nation-wide.
  • The need to provide serving teachers the opportunity to further, upgrade / update their qualification and professional competence without necessarily leaving their jobs.
  • Finally, the need to provide ALL the above at minimum costs to both the Students and the Education Authorities