NTI Structure

The Institute, with its headquarters in Kaduna, operates through a network of 6 Zonal and 37 State offices and over 400 study centres. The organizational structure of the Institute comprises:

  1. Office of the Director-General & Chief Executive
  2. Registry and Council Affairs
  3. Department of Field Operations & Students Services (FOSS)
  4. Examinations
  5. Quality Assurance and ICT
  6. Academic Services
  7. Bursary

The Zonal Offices are located in Abuja (North Central), Bauchi (North East), Benin (South South), Enugu (South East), Ibadan (South West), and Kano (North West).

The Institute has an office in each of the 36 States and FCT. Tutorials, examinations, tutor-student interaction, student-student interaction, counselling, etc take place in the Study Centres all over the country.