Functions of the Institute

The enabling Law mandates the Institute to:

  1. upgrade under-qualified and untrained teachers.
  2. conduct post-graduate courses and examinations in education for graduate teachers.
  3. provide refresher and other upgrading courses for teachers.
  4. organize workshops, seminars and conferences, which would assist in the improvement of teachers.
  5. conduct examinations.
  6. carry out research in conjunction with other bodies on any matter relevant to educational development in the country.
  7. formulate policies and initiate programmes at all levels of education designed to improve by way of research the quality and content of education in Nigeria.
  8. assess from time to time the training programmes offered by Institutions controlled by or associated with the Institute with a view to ascertaining the professional competence of those Institutions.
  9. offer such assistance, either alone or in co-operation with educational bodies as may be required by the Institutions controlled by or associated with the Institute.
  10. foster and enhance international co-operation in the education of teachers; and perform such other functions as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of all the functions of the Council under this Decree.