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Composition of the Governing Council

  • Chairman and another Federal Government Nominee
  • One Member Representing the Fed. Min. of Education
  • Three Members representing the NUT, NTA and FRCN
  • Two Members representing the Universities
  • One Commissioner of Education from each of the Six Geo-Political Zones
  • The Director General / CEO
  • The Registrar serves as the Secretary to the Council.


Duties of the Governing Council

  • To organize and provide programmes for the training, development, upgrading and certification of teachers.
  • To carry out research in conjunction with other bodies on any matter relevant to the development of teacher education in the country.
  • To conduct post-graduate courses and examinations in EDUCATION for graduate teachers.
  • To formulate and initiate relevant policies and programmes towards enriching / improving the content and quality of Teacher education in Nigeria.


Other Duties

  • To assess from time to time, the training programmes offered by Institutions controlled by, or associated with the Institute with a view to ascertaining their professional competence.
  • To offer such assistance, either alone or in co-operation with other educational bodies, as may be requested by those institutions controlled by or associated with the Institute.
  • To foster and enhance international co-operation in the development of Teacher Education.
  • To perform such other functions as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of any of the functions of the Institute.