NTI Academic and CPD Programmes

Since inception, the Institute has mounted various programmes aimed at accelerating teacher development at all levels particularly at the basic education sector. This is with a view to raising the quality of education in the country in particular and the quality of overall national development in general.

The Academic Programmes of the Institute by ODL are as follows:

Programme Year of Commencement and Termination Entry Qualification Course Duration No. So Far Graduated Current Registration 2016 (as at 28th October, 2016)
TC II DLS 1980-2006 First school leaving certificate to CTR and WASC 1 to 5 years depending on entry qualification 499, 955


Programme ended
NCE DLS 1990 to date TC II, SSCE, GCE, O/L, or its Equivalent 4 years 249,478

(1993 to date)

45,064 in 262 centres
PTTP DLS 2000 to 2003, and 2009 to date in partnership with states SSCE, WAEC, GCE, O/L, CTR, or its Equivalent 12 calendar months 43,739






3,884 in 69 centres
Advanced Diploma 2005 to date NCE with at least 5 years post qualification 12 calendar months 1,224


16 in 12 centres
PGDE DLS 2005 to date BA/BSc./HND or its equivalent and above 12 calendar months 77,074


10,027 in 92 centre
STUP 2007 to 2011 Serving Grade II Teachers 2 years 51,576 Programme ended
Bachelors Degree 2015 to Date NCE and Diploma 3 and 4 Years Not yet 8,115 in 55 centres


In 2015, new upgrading (academic) programmes were introduced. They include: Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in Business Education and in Computer Science Education and the Degree Programmes (BA. Ed English Language, BA. Ed Social Studies, BA. Ed Primary Education, BSc. Ed Mathematics, BSc. Ed Integrated Science, BSc. Ed Physical and Health Education.)

New courses proposed to be introduced in 2017 session are: Advanced Diploma in ICT Integration for Teachers and Advanced Diploma in Environmental Studies for Teachers.

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