Package A- Basic Teaching Methods and Techniques, Basic Classroom Management Techniques, Language and Communication Skills &ICT Training for Teachers

Package B- Modern Techniques of teaching the four (4) Core Subjects of Basic Education (English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Basic Science and Technology).

Package C- Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education (SMASE); Learner-Centered and Activity-Based Approach; Improvisation of Instructional Materials

Package D- E-Learning Education; Entrepreneurship Education; Special Education


Other specialized areas of Training:

  • Induction of newly recruited teachers.
  • Teaching of the science at the SSS level.
  • School Based Assessments
  • Innovative techniques of teaching vocational and technical subjects
  • School Management Skills and Record Keeping
  • Effective teaching and care giving in Early Childhood Education.
  • Resource Management in schools
  • Guidance and Counseling in schools
  • Multi-grade/Large Class Teaching Strategies
  • Curriculum Implementation.
  • Performance Improvement for Teachers at all levels.
  • Teaching of English components for S.S. Teachers


Other NTI CPD Resources

  • CDs showing model lessons
  • Manual for School Supervision
  • The Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • NTI/NCCE/TESSA Toolkit for Teaching Practice Supervisors
  • Manual for Mentoring
  • Self-Instructional Materials used in NTI Academic Programmes